Experience the Freedom of Going Barefoot

Since our establishment in 2009, leguano has been dedicated to providing footwear that allows you to experience the sensation of walking barefoot in all situations and on every occasion. Our product range has expanded, and our team has grown, all working tirelessly toward the success of the leguano brand. Keep reading to learn more about leguano.

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Where Tradition Meets Functionality

Nestled in Buchholz, Rhineland-Palatinate, leguano focuses on the essentials: sheer functionality harmoniously combined with chic design and traditional shoemaking craftsmanship. Our shoes are born out of a desire to create something extraordinary.

Our Journey

Inspired by the words of Dr. Walter Packi, a pioneering biokineticist, avid long-distance runner Helmuth Ohlhoff embarked on a mission to run as freely as if he were barefoot. This pivotal moment led to the creation of the leguano barefoot shoe after five years of relentless development. It wasn't just for runners; it was for everyone seeking the liberation of natural foot movement. leguano barefoot shoes not only grant your feet the freedom they deserve, but also safeguard them with a low-wear, non-slip sole that adapts seamlessly to every movement. Our exclusive "lifolit®-lg" sole, developed in collaboration with Hexpol, embodies high flexibility and exceptional abrasion resistance. In 2009, leguano was born with a small, dedicated team, all sharing a profound belief in their product: barefoot shoes made in Germany.

Evolving with Purpose

leguano's growth has been swift and purposeful. In 2012, we took our first step into the international market with a partner in Switzerland. By 2013, our network expanded to include our own branches, starting with the successful launch of the first barefoot shop in Bad Zwischenahn. In 2015, our own sewing shop and the first sewing machine came into existence.

A New Home for Growth

In 2018, we bid farewell to our moated castle in Birlinghoven near Bonn, relocating our administration, production, and central warehouse to neighboring Buchholz. This year also marked the founding of the leguano seminar center, which later evolved into leguano Academy and Barfußpark GmbH in 2022.

Present and Future

Today, leguano is a rapidly expanding company with a high recommendation rate. Our shoes are no longer limited to Germany; they're available worldwide through our extensive dealer and partner network. With over 700 dealers in Germany and exports to over 30 countries, including North America, Australia, and Korea, leguano continues to leave its imprint on the global footwear market.

Our dedicated team of over 600 employees ensures that leguano continues to flourish worldwide. This collective effort has contributed to remarkable growth, with sales reaching 38 million euros in 2019, a 31% increase from the previous year. Despite challenges, leguano's adaptability and the commitment of our team have led to sustained success. In 2022, sales soared to well over 44 million euros, and projections for 2023 anticipate further growth to over 50 million euros.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Our Commitment to Excellence

With years of expertise and the use of top-quality materials, we maintain an unwavering commitment to delivering shoes of exceptional quality. Our products are 100% functional and designed for everyone, regardless of age.

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SWR Report: Success on Light Soles - Barefoot Shoes from the Westerwald

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