Embrace the Authentic Barefoot Experience

Barefoot shoes provide a unique experience, closely mimicking the sensation of walking barefoot while safeguarding your feet from potential hazards like stones or uneven surfaces. Designed for an authentic, unrestricted barefoot feel, our shoes feature an exceptionally thin and flexible sole. This enables optimal adaptation to various terrains, transmitting sensory feedback directly to your nervous system.

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Unlock Better Health Through Natural Movement

Walking barefoot aligns with our innate way of moving. Our ancestors and some indigenous communities today embrace this practice. After all, we're born barefoot. With 26 bones, numerous muscles, and tendons, our feet are perfectly crafted for this purpose. When wearing traditional shoes, only a fraction of foot muscles engage due to their rigid soles, akin to a restrictive cast. This often leads to muscular issues—a fact seldom questioned.

Exploring the Barefoot World

With their versatility, barefoot shoes find a place in nearly any setting. By blending cutting-edge design with traditional craftsmanship, we offer barefoot footwear for various occasions and all age groups.

Advantages of Our Barefoot Shoes

Advantages of Our Barefoot Shoes

Compared to conventional footwear, our barefoot shoes offer numerous benefits. Years of dedicated development ensure an authentic barefoot experience. Material selection and design prioritize foot comfort and protection. Crafted in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, our shoes bear the mark of quality: Made in Germany.

Ergonomic Excellence Inspired by Nature

Ergonomic Excellence Inspired by Nature

Our feet are marvels of natural engineering. Abundant bones, muscles, and tendons facilitate our daily movements. To accommodate the various surfaces we navigate, our feet require maximum flexibility. The toe box of our shoes is meticulously designed to prevent any compression of the toes. This allows the foot to expand naturally within the shoe, resulting in healthy, splayed toes—a wholly natural toe spread. This notably deters misalignment of the big toe joint (hallux valgus), a concern for one in three individuals over 65.

The Active Model

The Active Model

Versatile, spacious, and supremely comfortable, our Active Model is a true all-rounder suitable for year-round wear. It's an ideal choice for those embarking on their barefoot journey.

Tips for Barefoot Running

Transitioning from conventional to barefoot shoes should be gradual, with shorter distances initially preferred. Your foot needs time to acclimate to newfound toe freedom and direct ground contact. Expect some initial soreness as foot muscles adapt. Gradually increase running distances to fully experience the benefits of barefoot walking.

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Care Guidelines

Care Instructions:

When it comes to the care of your Leguano shoes, it is imperative to consider the specific materials utilized in their construction, which are as follows:

  • Upper material: Comprising 80% polyester and 20% PU.
  • Inner material: Comprising 82% polyamide, of which 52% is recycled, and 18% bamboo.
  • Inner sole: Comprising 51% polyamide and 49% polyurethane.
  • Sole: LIFOLIT®*

LIFOLIT® is the exceptional material used for the soles of Leguano shoes, notable for its outstanding durability and flexibility. It offers protection against various harsh materials while allowing the natural movement of your feet. Additionally, these soles exhibit slip-resistant properties, rendering them a superior choice for surfaces such as hardwood floors, boat decks, paddle boards, and more.

Please note that not all Leguano products are suitable for washing, and we strongly advise referring to the individual style or product information for specific care recommendations.

To safeguard the quality and longevity of your footwear, we recommend adhering to the following care instructions:

  • Wash your shoes at 86ºF (30ºC), utilizing a washing net on the delicate wash cycle.
  • Use a mild detergent for the cleaning process; abstain from the use of fabric softeners or powdered detergents.
  • When washing, separate your shoes from other items or include them in the same load with items of matching colors.
  • After washing, ensure that you exclusively air dry your shoes.

These care instructions, presented in a legal context, are designed to provide clear guidance and transparency regarding the maintenance of your Leguano shoes to ensure their optimal performance and longevity.

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Have Questions?

Are you unsure about the right shoe for you or have footwear care questions? We're here to assist you!